The Crossing Community Church Child Nurturing Center


It's time to start learning those skills children will need in kindergarten. Our three to five year olds in our preschool rooms are learning tools and skills that will help them succeed when it is time to enter kindergarten. They are also assisted with using good social skills that will be important in the upcoming years.

Our lesson plans which are developed by our teachers in alignment with the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards are displayed weekly in the classroom. They include time for bible studies, blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music and movement, cooking, technology, and outdoors. Each week the teacher chooses a focus point and activites are designed in each of the areas to provide a learning enviroment that is fun and educational for the children in the classroom.

We offer a full time and a part time preschool program. Our full time program cares for children anytime between the hours of 6:30 am and 6:00 p.m. Children may arrive and leave anytime during these hours. They receive meals, outdoor play and all the above listed activities throughout the day.

Our part time preschool program is for parents looking for twenty five hours or less of care per week. Parents can use these hours however they wish but we do ask that parents for a general schedule upon enrollment. Children enrolled in this program will receive any activities, meals, and outside play that is scheduled for the part of the day they attend. Parents can do full days or half days with keeping under the 25 hours.


Our school-ager program offers fun activities for children who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade for the time they are not in school. We offer school days off care, winter and spring break care, and a fun filled summer program during the summer months. We also have a before and after school program and provide transportation to and from local schools.


Our school year care begins the first week of school. We provide am and pm care for these children along with a kindergarten care program which cares for the kindergartener doing a half day of school. The kindergarten children receive care for the part of the day they are not in school. They will receive breakfast (if here at that time) lunch and a pm snack. There time here at the center will include activites that are fun and educational.

The summer school-age program takes place beginning early June depending on the date schools are out. Our summer staff for this program plans a summer full of fun projects, activities, learning, and field trips! We take trips to fun sites around the Columbus area and spend 2-3 times a week at the local pools. This past summer we visited the Columbus Zoo, Scioto Mile, Columbus Commons, American Whistle factory, Anthony Thomas Candy factory, Glow Putt, Franklin Park Conservatory, The Popcorn Outlet and many other fun businesses and parks! While at the center, we studied the history of cartoons, had our very own Olympics, and many other fun activities. The children also enjoyed some down time in the classroom with stations and bible studies where they memorized bible verses each week and had bible studies with a volunteer, Ms. Helen, from the Crossing Community Church. It was an exciting summer as will be all the summers to come!!