The Crossing Community Church Child Nurturing Center


Our infant childcare program is for children 6 weeks to 18 months. This is the first opportunity for most children to become socially active with other children their age and is often the first time away from their parents. In this room, we nurture each child and follow the parents request for an eating/napping schedule. We encourage tummy time, those first steps, and sharing with our friends!

Our infant room has children at many stages since children grow so fast at this age. Our older children in the room have learned to use gentle touches with their younger friends. There are many toys for the different stages in the room and the children like to explore all of them, usually at the same time!!



Our toddler program has children ages 18 months to 3 years of age. This is a very busy place!! The children are learning socialization and using their words with their friends. There is a flexible schedule to meet the needs of everyone in the room. These children are learning fundamentals to prepare them for our preschool rooms.

We offer our toddlers a variety of activities during the day to keep them interested in their choices. The water table is a popular place, along with fun corner where building castles is a popular activity. The children love to do art projects and have their art displayed on their large project wall. There is lots of room to move in this large room and some kids love to dance to music around the room while others are playing musical instruments. It's easy to keep these kids busy!!